Behavioral Health * Professional Development * Business Consulting


We are a consultant team of licensed professional counselors, social workers, near peer facilitators, educators, military veterans, trainers and speakers.


Our professional training and lived-experience in the areas of mental health assessment, diagnosis & treatment; youth mental health; employee stress management; crisis intervention and trauma sensitive environment development has propelled us to advance mind body wellness in both private and public sectors.


Meet a few of our consultants...

Patricia L. Taylor, MS

Licensed Professional Counselor

Ms. Taylor is a mental health counselor, facilitator, keynote speaker and trainer. 


She has been lead by her faith in her 15 plus years of experience in mental health; program development, management and design; quality improvement and e​mployee-retention. 

Patricia uses holistic, evidence-informed practices that promote mind body wellness both in private practice and with corporate clients.

Patricia is a member of the Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force, serves on the Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness Advisory Council and is a member of the Prevention Suicide Wisconsin Steering Committee.

Erica Lofton,


Near Peer Facilitator

Ms. Lofton is a workshop facilitator, speaker and mental health advocate. 

She also provides consultation to help groups individuals and businesses increase their knowledge about the mental health needs of children and youth living with a mental illness.

Erica serves as a Community Impact Young Adult Partner for the Wisconsin Office of Children's Mental Health and she is the former Vice President of the Milwaukee Youth Council.

Kenya Wash, MsEd,


Licensed Educator 

Mrs. Wash is an award-winning teacher, workshop facilitator and a curriculum designer. 

She designs objective-based instruction at the highest level of engagement for clients.  

As a former publisher and current author, Mrs. Wash has written books on urban youth environments, trauma and issues impacting functioning.

Kenya is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.