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P Taylor Consulting was born out of the owner’s personal philosophy belief that mental health and wellness are the pathways to success. The owner adopted this philosophy as a business practice and as such, the business has grown successful in helping clients increase their capacity to cope, heal, learn and grow.


The team is comprised of competent, independent licensed professional counselors, social workers, educators, facilitators and trainers who are knowledgeable in the fields of mental and behavioral health, youth issues, education, social services and employee wellness, readiness and retention.

Meet a few of them here......

Patricia L. Taylor

Licensed Professional Counselor


Mental Health & Wellness Consultant

Principal Consultant

Ms. Taylor  is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Wisconsin.  She has a  MS degree in Counseling Studies and a BA in Psychology with a minor in History.  

Patricia is lead by her faith and relies on research and evidence informed interventions to assist clients implement and manage behavioral health, employee wellness and professional development projects. In her private practice, Patricia offers an empathetic ear to patients living with mental illness. Patricia also utilizes holistic, evidence-informed practices that promote wellness.

She has over 15 years of combined employment and training in private, public and non-profit business sectors in the areas of mental health, program development, program management, program design, quality improvement, employee retention and supervisory practices. 

Patricia  is a member of the Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force, serves on the Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness Advisory Council and is a member of the Prevention Suicide Wisconsin Steering Committee.

Erica Lofton

Youth Consultant 


Near Peer Facilitator

Youth Consultant

Ms. Lofton is an 18 y.o. facilitator, keynote speaker, mental health advocate and founder of Girls in Action, Inc. Foundation.  She attends the University of Wisconsin- Madison. 

Miss Lofton provides consultation, expertise facilitation  and programming for the purpose of helping educational institutions, child serving agencies, organizations, businesses, groups and individuals increase their knowledge about the mental health needs of children and youth living with a mental illness.

Miss Lofton serves as a Community Impact Young Adult Partner for the Wisconsin Office of Children's Mental Health.

Kenya Wash

Education Consultant 


Curriculum Design 

Education Consultant

Mrs. Wash is an award-winning  teacher, author and owner of a Y-IREAD Publishing Company, a  company that focuses on the urban youth and issues impacting their functioning.  Mrs. Wash has a MS in Education.

Ms. Wash provides  consulting in the education sector with expertise in curriculum and instruction design. She  designs objective-based instruction at the highest level of engagement for her clients. 

Ms. Wash is a member of  the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.  

Michelle Hampton, MS

Dual Diagnosis Consultant 

Behavioral Health Consultant

Ms. Hampton is a Licensed Professional Counselor with the State of Wisconsin.  She has a MS in Counseling. 

Ms. Hampton has worked in various public and private sectors in the field of addictions, mental health, social services, human services and faith based initiatives.  Ms. Hampton's influence of evidenced informed treatment modalities have had an impact on her work with clients at  Rogers -Oconomowoc; Greater Milwaukee Health Services, S.C.; Prevail Behavioral Health; The Department of Corrections;  and Walkers Point.

Ms. Hampton provides  mental health consultation and direct service as an LPC-IT,  psychoeducation facilitator and trainer.